H4 truck headlight with round legs

990.000 VND

  • Product code: MSP-16
  • Brand Name: TIGER-KOREA
  • Volt: 24V
  • Capacity: 51W
  • Guarantee: 12 Tháng
  • Status: Stocking

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Light bulbs for cargo trucks must have high and reliable vibration resistance, must ensure light path effect during transport. Not only is the perfect light bulb, high vibration, high durability, to protect the road vision. Not only improve the light significantly for the driver, but also improve the driver's safety.

Tiger brand truck light bulbs provide pioneering lighting bulbs. Not only meets the highest quality requirements of the Drivers, but also meets the safety criteria according to European standards.

Replacement process:

  1. Make sure the car is turned off for at least half an hour
  2. Open the hood, remove the light bulb from the electrical outlet
  3. Remove the waterproof plastic snap of the light bulb
  4. Get the light bulb from the car lamp
  5. Take a new TIGER bulb, be careful not to touch the glass cover by hand, to prevent stains leaving the damage to the light bulb
  6. Install new bulbs to fix the light bulb inside the lamp
  7. Close the waterproof plastic cover
  8. Plug in the light source and close the hood

Note: Do not touch the bulb glass with your hands when you install it, with hand oil in hand, touching the glass will cause an uneven heating situation, resulting in easy burning of light bulbs.

Please be in good use habits, do not turn off the lights too often, especially if the engine is not turned on, the lights are turned on is not recommended, lamp life is often controlled in your own hands!

Volt 24V
Capacity 100W
Type H7
Tail lamp PX26d
Quality ISO 9001:2000 - E-Mark European standard
Application range  Truck headlights, direct replacement lights do not need to change the power supply in the vehicle

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